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We require that each adoption applicant submits an application, have an In Home Interview and apply for a animal that they choose to adopt.  It must be a suitable home for the pet and the family must meet the needs of that animal before adoption.  

We do require a signed contract that spells out what we expect of them.  Pet must be a family member, loved, proper routine care,  proper medical treatment when needed and licensing. Cats are adopted as INSIDE ONLY! 

Our adoption fees are Puppies less than one year old - $400, Dogs between 1 and 5 - $350, and Dogs over the age of 6 - $300.  Cats regardless of age $100.00 

This helps to offset our intake costs. All animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and given a full series of shots by our vets.

Adoption Application

(619) 535-7299 •  fureverpawzrescue [ at ]